days of light & silence

by Simon Mantooth

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released May 14, 2015

bass on buffalo slapped the shit out of by Tristan
drums on buffalo laid the fuck down by Kelly

written and recorded by Spence in Greensboro and Asheville NC
engineered by Dante Ck + Spence
produced by Dante Ck
special thanks to Clifford at Swan City Sounds for cassettes <333



all rights reserved


Simon Mantooth Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: buffalo
after school i'm gonna sink into the tv screen
i'll be so high and i don't know why
i guess it's because otherwise i'd just feel the same
with too much stimulation for my brain
and it's cool and it's fun having being no one at all

at my best i'm braver than the boundaries of my bed
do you remember how i tore your dress?
we laughed until the feeling faded and the silence came
we walked together through a darkened space
now it's convenient and it's fun having no one at all
Track Name: mo(u)rning
my back still aches from yesterday
are you okay? "can't complain"
don't describe your dreams to me
i get so terrified and stay up all night
hear comes the mourning (another day full of dread)
Track Name: housesitting
in the morning we make toast and avocados
outside a woodpecker slams his face hard against a tree branch
and we make believe this house was our own
and alli leaves for class
and i watch her gait
and i listen to the car hum
and i wash the plates
and we all get lonely rae
and sometimes no amount of sitting cross legged makes it feel okay
Track Name: holes
i like hearing you talk about the colors of rooms
it's something i understand
i've got accustomed to the feeling of your blue skin when it's underneath my sleeping hand
and i poke holes in you i poke holes through you and your plans
do what you want to do
you don't need my permission to do what you want to do
no matter what i'm still your man
Track Name: phone
i got your call
and the problem is solved
it's just another memory to be dissolved
but if time is all we got and the check still hasn't cleared
you'll know it's not my fault cuz i did the best i could
these things just take so long
these things take so long

and when i'm done daydreaming i'll spend every moment vexed
"we feel one thing one minute and something else the next"
Track Name: someone's nothin'
there is nothing i miss more than feeling out of place in someone else's room
it's not the same kind of lonely i've been getting from my side of this partition
Track Name: man's best friend
i had a dog and he knew he was sick
he disappeared deep into the forest one day
that's where he died underneath the pale blue sky
no lap to lay on
only the cold wind cooing him to sleep
and that's what he wanted...

i curl up in my head every time you walk away
while i watch all the moving bones in your body
and your eyes are only mirrors through which you see the world backwards
and that's not to say that it's wrong it's just all in reverse
there are only so many times you can say something that you really mean before you start sounding like a big fat phony
Track Name: i shall be loyal to the nightmare of my choice
i someone there when you wake up?
are they drinking from the same broken cup i sipped wine out of
last time i was there you brushed your hair with such indifference i got scared
are you eating well?
i failed to read the labels on all the orange bottles before i swallowed what was left
there's another lie
another half-hearted attempt at romance
are we the same?
am i the same?
what was our name?
am i the same?